Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Anatomy of an Enterpreneur!

Enterpreneurs are among the most celebrated people in our culture. I came across this interesting study by KAUFMANN - The foundation of enterpreneurship. A lot is known about the celebrity enterpreneurs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison etc. but very little is known about the rest. It is a very interesting study across various industries. It can be a great source of motivation for future enterpreneurs who are reading this. Basically, its never too late for anyone. Some of the interesting findings are:
  • Company founders tend to be middle-aged and well-educated, and did better in high school than in college
  • 67 percent ranked their academic performance among the top 30 percent of theri undergraduate class, but a smaler percentage (37.5 percent) ranked their performance among the top 10 percent
  • The majority of respondents (75.4%) had worked as employees as other companies for more than six years
  • Significant percentages of respondents started their first companies after working eleven to fifteen years (23.3 percent), sixteen to twenty years (14.3 percent), or greater than twenty years (10.3 percent) for someone else.

You can get the full report here.

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