Wednesday, October 7, 2009

When Cloud Computing meets Semantic Technology!

There is no doubt that Cloud Computing is one of the most talked about topic in the technology world. While the industry is still working on defining it in a better way, we are begining to see examples where cash strapped smaller companies are actually using it to their advantage. Franz, Inc, a company offering semantic database product, called Allegrograph, is the one who leveraged the concept in very cost effective way. They did series of QA tests for their product for $200 by staging its service on Amazon S3 instead of spending 100k on capital expenditure. As a database company, Franz is under constant pressure to improve its technology and maintain a competitive edge over alternatives like open source or RDBMS vendors.

AllegroGraph is suitable for the purpose of storing very large quantities of Semantic data and supporting complex queries. Franz’s unique “Activity Recognition” package combines Semantic data with Geospatial data, Temporal Logic, Social Networking Analytics to allow users to easily combine this information and perform queries that won't work with tradional RDBMS.

For example : “Find all events that happened in last two months within 10 miles of Newyork that were attended by you and your social network.”

Overall, I perceive it as a great news for future enterpreneurs as the cost of doing business is going down dramatically at least for the software startups!

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