Thursday, December 3, 2009

Semantic Technology and iPhone!

Recently, I came across this intersting article about "Inside the Apple Economy"  - . Please read about some of the unknown names who have made a killing in last two years just by exploting this new ecosystem. I believe that Semantic web, linked data and Semantic technologies in general for the enteprise will also be creating an ecosystem which will be exploited by many people. But I only realized this Thanksgiving weekend during a NY city visit along with few friends of mine that there can be a corelation between iphone and Semantic Technology.

We had not made any dinner reservations as we were not sure about timings and were confident of finding an interesting cusine in the NY city, practically a paradise for your palate, which would work for everyone in the group. I was also counting on my Zagat membership which I have always found to be a very trusted source for restaurant reviews. We soon realized that everytime we agreed on a particular cuisine and restaurant after looking up ratings on Zagat on my iphone, the restuarant was always few miles away and it was very difficult to find two cabs on a crowded weekend. So we decided to use "Around Me" - an interesting application on iphone which can list critical services around you — banks, coffee shops, bars, gas stations, hospitals, movie theaters, restaurants and so on. Using geolocation, the app orders each service by its proximity to you — how many yards away — and, like other apps aimed at the traveler, maps out a route from here to there, if requested.

We kept looking up restaurants in "around me" but we couldn't find ratings and reviews for those restaurants. So I ended up toggling between these two applications, during our long walk, for a while till everybody agreed on a Turkish cusine.

I was wondering if these two services shared there data using Semantic Technology, basically Linked data, then life would have been so simple. All I had to do was to ask - "Give me all restaurants with minimum 4 star rating within 400 yards of my position." Hopefully, some food for thought for enterpreneurs who want to exploit the iphone economy. As somebody rightly said, "The food that enters the mind must be watched as closely as the food that enters the body."

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