Monday, February 22, 2010

After Best Buy, now Tesco adopts Semantic Technology!

It wasn't longtime back when I wrote how Best Buy is using Semantic technology to define a new trend. Now, it is Tesco , largest British retailer, who is following similar steps. Simply put, Tesco is to UK the same way Walmart is to US. Though, both of them get into each other's territory as it was almost an year back when Tesco launched Fresh and Easy,a chain of 10,000 square foot convenience stores in US to compete with Walmart.

Tesco has also been known as a company with a unique ability to manage vast reams of data and translate it into sales. It also uses information gathered from Dunnhumby, a British data mining firm of which it has majority control, to manage every aspect of its business, from creating new shop formats to arranging store layouts to developing private-label products and targeted sales promotions.

Tesco has always known to be pioneer in e-commerce and it is one of the most visited online supermarket sites in UK. They have started experimenting with RDFa in their website which seems like a logical next step. I won't be surprised if they adapt Goodrelations ontology also in near future.

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