Monday, September 28, 2009

Interesting research from European Semantics reseachers!

The research, called "Triple space",  is related with making machine talk more in an asynchronous way using web services. The analogy is very similar to cloud computing  in which computational resources are distributed and provided as a service over the internet, the Triple Space deals with data – offering a simple, scalable way for machines to share information asynchronously.
To create the Triple Space, the TripCom researchers worked on making web services and the data they use understandable by computers, using semantic web technologies to communicate machine-readable knowledge rather than raw data.

Just as humans can access the same webpage with different web browsers and different operating systems, computers are able to publish and read information in the Triple Space without format, process or technical constraints. One of hte use cases cited is e-Health record systems. For full story, please go to :
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