Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why Cambridge Semantics can make a difference during these times?

There is no doubt that these are hard times for smaller software companies to get into the radar of a CIO/CFO of any enterprise - small, medium or big. All of us know that in any case only 20% of budget is allocated for new projects or products. It will be much harder for a company who is smaller and is offering a relatively new technology which only very small percentage of technology folks have even heard of it. I really like the practical approach and focus of Cambridge Semantics, a Boston based semantic technology startup.

They are not asking the end users to write big Ontologies or think about any other paradigm shift. They use semantic technology to solve some very common problems like consolidating various spreadsheets. The Anzo suite of products enables you to liberate your data, allowing it to be exchanged freely between proprietary applications, relational databases or even Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. They simply leave the data where it is, read and write data  between multiple data sources including spreadsheets and let the user create the view they want. The application can be up and running in few days.

Recently, UCB, a leading biopharma company, selected Cambridge Semantics to combine and analyze assay data from dozens of partners around the world. You can get the full news here.

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